Our Process

A Customer-Centered Approach

1: Phone call/walk in
Our first step on every repair is to identify the customer’s needs. Sometimes it’s best not to use insurance, and sometimes it is. We will use our knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction. We are very flexible with our customers and look to help out in any way possible.

2: Estimate
The estimate is written by either us or the insurance company. All repair times, paint times, and parts needed are entered into the estimating system to create an estimate. Often times there is hidden damage that can’t be seen until after the vehicle is taken apart.

3: Tear Down/Disassembly
Once your vehicle is dropped off along with the estimate we will disassemble the vehicle. This step is necessary to determine if there is more damage than the estimate consisted of. If there is more damage this will require us contacting the insurance company to come out for a re-inspection. Contact the customer for an update.

4: Insurance Re-inspection/Approval
If more damage is found we will contact the insurance company for a re-inspection/approval. This step may require some negotiations with the insurance company. Once an agreed upon price is determined we can continue to the next step. Contact the customer for an update.

5: Order Parts
We will order all parts needed to properly repair your vehicle. Most parts come within 1-3 business days. However, sometimes parts are on back order and require more time to receive.

6: Repair
The repair process always varies depending on the size of the job. If there is frame work, we will do the frame work first. Second, we will repair the body. The amount of time a vehicle spends in the shop depends on the size of the repair. A job with frame, mechanical, and body work will take longer.

7: Paint
After all frame, body and mechanical work are complete the vehicle will be sent to the paint department. All parts of the vehicle that must be painted will be taken care of at this point.

8: Build/Reassemble
After paint, all of the exterior parts are put back on the vehicle. This includes parts like moldings, mirrors, handles, and glass.

9: Detailing
The vehicle will be washed inside and outside to remove all dirt, dust, and compound.

10: Quality Control
We will check over all repairs done to the vehicle and take it for a test drive to make sure it is ready for customer pick up.


Maryland Collision Center turned my one week old 2015 Corvette back into factory condition in no time. I’ll never use another body shop, ever again.

I owe you,
Josh T.
Silver Spring, MD
Thank you for repairing my car. I’m so excited to have it back. Your customer service was the best I’ve ever experienced, my paint matches perfect and my car is cleaner now than it was when I dropped it off. I promise to always recommend you.

Jessica G.
Columbia, MD
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